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What Separates a Personal Essay from a Blog Post?

All new bloggers in addition to creative writers wanting to be bloggers and the other way round, all are¬†caught at a lost when one has to consider whether blogging entails tweeting about the peculiar tone¬†that you have lately noticed about … Continue reading

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How to Write a Winning HR Resume

Human Resource Management is apparently a simple subject involving simple theories. And you have probably cleared the advanced years of your HR Management Studies. You have gained extensive knowledge on the fundamentals of Employer Branding, Communication and Consultation, Reward Management … Continue reading

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5 Things That Can Ruin Your Marketing Assignment

Marketing management is a subject that many students take up due to its rolling popularity in global market. Nowadays wherever you look, skylines are dotted with billboards and online ads pop up every single place that you look. So, we … Continue reading

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