Management Decision Making And the Role of Statistical Thinking

The ground breaking advancements made in the field of information technology has made the global competition for quality product manufacturing and prompt service providing pretty steep. The needs and wants of consumers are constantly changing; as a result the companies are also evolving their business operations and methods of management in accordance with the latest trends. So, today’s business managers are experiencing more pressure than ever. Massive amounts of data are generated daily from various digital sources and the precise evaluation of this raw data is a daunting task. The only way for a business manager to collect, analyze and interpret data relevant to decision making is through statistical thinking.


Statistical thinking involves the understanding of how models are used to emulate random phenomena, the proper use of existing inferential tools, and being able to understand and grasp and utilize the context of a problem and plan an investigation accordingly. The basic principle of statistics is that data vary. Statistical reasoning helps in capturing the variation in data by organizing and examining the data. This allows managers to make smarter decisions more quickly and provide stable support to their subordinates. Here are some aspects where statistical analysis has shown its impact in making data-driven decisions:

  • Statistical analysis provides an unbiased outlook of the market. So it can be used for the precise and cost-effective evaluation of a target group of customers.
  • Statistics helps in making the production process efficient and economic. It eliminates all kind of redundancies and maintains consistency throughout the process.
  • It helps managers to evaluate employee productivity and find ways to improve employee performance.
  • Marketing mix modeling is the identification of the right combination of marketing communication channels to reach the target market and provide the best return on investment. Statistical regression can be used to unearth this crucial link.
  • This method of thinking enables a manager to make joint decision with other managers. It helps the managers to compare alternative scenarios and select the most feasible option.
  • Statistics allow business managers to convince other people to take risks by providing them with empirical evidence.
  • It can also be used to map relationships between two variables which will in turn lead to more control over customer satisfaction and subsequent sales volume.

Therefore, statistical thinking can be used in all sectors of a business organization and in all job functions. It enhances the proficiency and competency of a manager as a researcher and provides an extra edge in business decision making.

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The Best Guide to Eating Healthy for Busy College Students

Do these lines sound familiar to you? Have you used them recently?

• I have got 6 tests this week so, I will skip on sleep every other day and eliminate carbs complete from my diet and stay high on sugar!
• I am going to get all my meals for free by joining every club around the college
• Hey YOLO! So, let’s go and try out some of those pills that help you increase your mental power 10 times.

If some of these are the lines that you have recently said, then you belong to the same group of college students who one day feel that they should read all the health and fitness blogs there is on the internet and go on a crash diet with over exercising to reach their weight loss goal within a couple of hours! If so, then this blog is just the one for you to stick your eyes to for next few minutes.

best guide to eating healthy for busy college students.jpg

Nowadays college life just seems to conspire and throw diabolical roadblocks to your dietary success and weight loss goals. And clearly shopping at Whole Foods and eating healthy comes at a price and students are not always equipped with ample budget to maintain them. And to add to those troubles there are other obligations like tight schedules and lack of proper cooking tools or knowledge. You realized the hard way that keeping the blender going while making mayo by keeping the lid off was a bad idea, since you still find spilt mayo in the most odd room corners!

We are going to help you break away from these roadblocks and achieve your dietary best! Know that it’s possible.

Maintain a “good enough” mindset:

If you expend all your willpower and energy to maintain your strict diet chart and exercise regime, chances are that the other equally important aspects of your life will fall through. Research shows that if you exert too much of your willpower to do one thing absolutely perfectly then you will not be able to the other things well which also require willpower, like for instance your academia. So, we advocate the “good enough” mindset rather than the ‘perfectionist’ one. Apply this to your diet and exercise regime. You do not have to stick to your diet 100 percent of the times, instead maintain it by simply focussing on making progress. And excuse yourself when you eat a few cheat meals once in awhile.

Right food products:

Which is your meat?

If weight loss is in your mind then lean meats like chicken is usually the best option to reach for. This is also a protein that will be budget friendly. Fishes are also a good option as they are also good for your brain health, but the best quality fishes come at a good price. The cheaper farmed fishes are usually not the best in quality.


We recommend that you go through eggs like it is nobody’s business. These little white elliptical balls are usually packed with proteins, essential vitamins and minerals like selenium and choline also they are great to feel full without spending too much time chewing on bit by bit!

Veggies and fruit-i-licious!

Bell peppers, carrots, broccoli and onions are packed with nutritional benefits, so eat them as much as possible as vitamins are minerals are not stored in reserves in your body. Thus, daily intake is necessary.

Be a teetotaller when water is too passé:

Instead of reaching for a can of soda or pop or the popular devil juice, grope at the tea cup. Coffee though a great energiser is not so good for your health, so avoid gulping them down and simply drink water when thirsty!

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An Essay on Game of Thrones

Many people are probably bugged by this question and GoT fanatics feel like clawing their eyes out every time they read this, but why is this show so popular? Many people feel that it is probably just the nudity because, at the end of the day Game of Thrones is a slow moving show, then there are nearly thousands of characters to remember which one may as well maintain a notebook dedicated to the show, moreover the show is anything but a family favorite as it has explicit sex scenes. Then what is the secret behind its success for which it stands to be the most watched show in the history of American television?


The main reasons why Game of Thrones is so popular:

1.  The rise to power for women is what women enjoy watching: most women watch Game of Thrones as it is a show about how women rise to power in a world where man would rule. This is enjoyable for modern women given their struggle to power in the real world.

2. The story telling is a daring one and is also highly unusual. Season 1 of the show itself is a tremendous departure from the usual story telling of typical TV shows which got most people hooked to it.

3. The story is not completely fiction: this story may be based on the fictional book of George RR Martin but it is in fact not all fiction as he did his homework well. The stories on King’s Landing and Winterfell loosely describe how life was in the middle ages in Britain.

4. It keeps you at the edge of your seat with curiosity dripping down your spine! The story telling is so complex yet surprising that guessing what will happen next is a gamble like no other. This show has a reputation for being unpredictable and maintains it well to keep its viewers satiated.

5. Impeccable capture of the real world contrasts by the makers of the show. The creators of the show have captured the contrasts in real world feelings incomparably well for instance, with beauty associated to pain and suffering, honor with cruelty, earthly plot twists with murder, galore, illegitimate affairs and fantastical plot twists with dragons, white walkers. Thus, as a result a show is created which is unstoppable because it feels real yet fictional at the same time.
Convinced yet?! If not then get out of your comfort zone and give Game of Thrones a watch to know what is the secret behind its success, and even you may get sucked into its fantastical magic of pure, unadulterated entertainment.

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Pursue These MBA Specializations To Be Industry-Ready

These days traditional MBA programs are fine tuned with the availability of specializations as varied as the cultures and interests of students pursuing them. Some of these specializations may be available within the confines of a traditional MBA while others require them to be taken electively as an add-on.

So, keeping in mind the need of the industry we have looked at the realm of MBA specializations in-depth to help students choose wisely for accomplishing a job ready status.

essay writing help online.jpg

The most common MBA specializations that are associated with equipping students to work in the industry are – healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship, non-profit management and luxury management. Entrepreneurship is no different than choosing a career path in an industry which is why we have included this in the list f specializations worth giving a thought because all these roles involve making decisions to run the business which is the very essence of entrepreneurship.

Read on about the pros and cons of each such specialization:


This is the subject you should specialize in to make a career in finances or transit into a similar field. The London School of Business offers a finance specialization course that is based on a corporate financial core and offers a selection of 20 different elective subjects. The core of corporate finance involves managing a company finances and making financial decisions, but the electives available offer students with necessary skillset to manage mergers, private equities and much more. One must also seek for an internship at a financial firm and also practice their hands on a faculty-supervised project to learn this subject in depth.


This is the course for students who want to work in the healthcare industry and covers the duties of all kinds of job positions, like insurance and health benefits, pharmaceuticals healthcare technologies and medical devices. The best B-school with an optimized healthcare concentration can be found at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, which has taken several measures to accommodate with the diverse needs of the students. The main emphasis of this course is in action based learning which is offered in almost all leading business schools today.

Non profit management:

There used to be a time when commerce and charity were viewed as separate entities but those days have long gone as these two processes are now flowing together. Thus, giving rise to strong channels of activity or opportunity. Now the new byword in the industry is confluence which is a great social impact factor. These days having an elective that has a social value will add increased value to your resume with visions like marketing social change, societal entrepreneurship. Moreover, with these skills one can also have increased opportunities in the job market.


An entrepreneurship MBA specialization equips students to act upon their business ideas and start their own business. We recommend seeking a course that does not only offer a specialization but a full-fledged integrated back to front management program. Also choosing a school that offers startup and venture lab initiatives should be in your list of choices when looking to get enrollment.

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Reviewing And Writing About A Journal Article

Although many young college students may be unfamiliar with the task of reviewing a journal article, but this task is not as complex as it may seem. Reviewing a journal is not as difficult as writing an essay which requires a lot of research work by cribbing through a number of books in the library. However, it must be kept in mind that an academic journal review is different from an ordinary product review in a newspaper or a magazine which is meant for the general public.


The journal article review is written for an audience who have specialized knowledge and interest in the subject and is interested to read your critical evaluation of the topic discussed in the article. The audience here is usually your supervisor, fellow students, academic peers or tutor who are not only keen to read a critical discussion on the topic but also would like know about the argument you make on the opinions mentioned in the journal.

To write a sound journal article review, make sure you include the following points to make it gripping:

The objective of the article: what the article sets out to discuss about and how it will impact the subject

A theory: the importance of theoretical assumptions in the article, if there is an explicit theoretical framework then talk about its importance

Concepts mentioned in the article: what are the main ideas included in the article? Have they been expressed clearly?

The main argument if any: mention the main argument or opinion expressed by the author, if any hypothesis has been included mention it as well

Speak about the evidence: how reliable are they? Are the amount of evidence provided enough?

Discuss the methodology: talk about the methods used in the journal, is it efficient enough?

Value propositions: mention if the value propositions are clear or implicit in the journal.

Literature: the scope of fitting the work of the reviewing journal’s author into the broader perspective of fitting it into the existing literature.

Contribution: does the work contribute to increase our existing knowledge on the subject? If so, how well does it do so?

Stylistic critique: critique on the author’s use of language, style, wording, format etc. are they enough to meet the standards while offering clarity

Conclude your review: in conclusion provide an overall assessment of the entire journal

A good structure of any review article includes the following points:

Identifying the article (the author, title or topic of discussion, year of publication, publisher and other details worth mentioning, like if the original article was a French edition). A brief about the main points of the article that you will be talking about in your essay

A brief summary of the main items in the essay, like, the range of the discussion, the main contents and the main opinions or arguments discussed. A section by section summary may also be included, but it is important to keep them short.

Then go on to a critical discussion on a few main points that you have identified in the article. It is best to only take 2 to 3 points for this part of the essay. Articulate the author’s main ideas well before you evaluate them and criticize them. The points you make must be backed by evidences from the journal article itself.

Then conclude your essay by writing about an overall evaluation the article has made to impact the subject or topic it discusses about. Talk about its importance on whether it is useful to increase knowledge about the subject or not.
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The Most Common Roommate Problems and Their Solutions


If you have had a sibling to share your room with for a certain part of your life, then this should not be difficult for you. But if you have had the luxury to have a whole room to yourself then sharing your private room with a roommate who is a complete stranger to you or having another human living around you at all times can be a bit of nag for you. And often dorm-mates are not the ideal roommate you would want. Yes, sometimes there are exceptions where the dorm life is the better than your bedroom back at home and roommate bonding is a wonderful experience, but usually they are more of a source of some major unnecessary drama.

But do not fret as roommate drama is not an uncommon phenomenon, and you can arise above this sticky situation and solve your roommate troubles with our solutions to deal with your roommate woes, without needing to kill each other or change schools! We are not just an average essay writing help online, think of us as your virtual college life Yoda with all kinds of college life tips, tricks, hacks and solutions (including college essays! Hush).

Roommate trouble #1: She is messy:

Cleanliness is all about personal perception what you may think to be clean may be dirty in the standards of another and vice versa. So, it is evident that most roommates have frequent tiffs about the state of cleanliness of their rooms. We recommend that both parties pull their weight around the space now that they are sharing it. Sloppy roommates are the most common dorm-room troubles you will encounter, but they are also the easiest to solve. Almost everybody gets lazy and acts messy at some point of time so it is best to talk about it openly and approach your roommate about her cleaning habits.

The best practice to keep her at it would be to have a chore schedule. Forcing yourself to take care of chores even when you are independent and free from mom’s nagging is probably your worst dorm-room nightmare. But trust us when we say that you will actually be thankful that you did so. Divide responsibilities easily with a chore schedule and keep things clean on a regular basis.


Roommate trouble #2: I’m living with a mean girl:

Another scenario is where both you and your roommate are cleaning soul mates and respect each other’s belongings. But then again there does arise friction between the two of you, some people are just not meant to get along. You may be unfortunate enough to have a random roommate assigned to you who you simply hate or hates you for no apparent reason. There can be an impossible person who has as much empathy for you as Hannibal Lecter and only speaks when she has to say something mean or condescending to you.


Our solution in this case may sound slightly out of the box but can actually work. You share your living space with this person so having an unhealthy environment around you all the time will take a toll on your health as well as your studies. Address the situation and involve a moderator in the scenario or get friends to solve your differences. It is best to address the problem sooner than wait it out to blow over because it will only get worse. Reach out to a mentor, a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend to deal with the negativity your roommate is spewing at you, and it may just be so that it is more about her as a person rather than about you. Nipping the problem in the bud will save you months’ worth of frustration and anger.

Roommate trouble #3: She is ALWAYS here:

There are absent roommates, then again there are those who are nocturnal and you barely see them in the day except sleeping like a log in the day! But what about the roommate who never leaves your room and is ALWAYS there? Living with another person in a closed space can be challenging anyway, but things get especially difficult when the other person barely leaves you alone and you… well, are getting a little sick and tired of it. Some solitude is nice at times but with her being there, there may not be any!

Our solution if she does not have friends then find her some, play the matchmaker and encourage to go on that Tinder date. Or better still engage her in some sort of activity in the campus and tell her that being outdoorsy sometimes is good for her and for you.

That’s all for roommate troubles for now, we will be back with more college life tips, hacks and advice soon. Till then if you have an assignment with a deadline dangling over your head, feel free to reach out to our essay writing help online for some consultations on how to get it done sooner.

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A Few Truths that will Make You Question Reality

We are not here to discuss about how you can get better at writing with our academic writing services. That is because we know as an assignment help service that what we do only helps students achieve one thing, and that is a better grade or for some lost cases a passing grade so that you can save yourself from failing the class, losing an year and sitting for a re-exam or some other drastic implications. Yes, MBA studies are overly burdened with too many assignments to write but you knew that when you aspired to be a management students right from the start. You knew that it is hard yet you still believed that you could do it. But now that you are in the quicksand sinking, as a crafty manager always do you know that you can get your academic assignments outsourced. And we are here at the other end of you placing an order to get your freshly baked custom-written assignment delivered to your inbox, we do in fact employ a team of writers who are dedicated full-time of their working hours and beyond penning down written content of good quality with degrees in management, finance, statistics, economics and other related subjects. Most are master’s degree holders at our little organization here and like their desk job of writing assignments for their juniors. The reason being that it pays good money and is quite a simply idea.


Now that we have got the real talk over about us, let us get onto some other harsh realities behind your regular favorite eatables that are also cheating you. And while we are at it, do you know how the topper at your class manages to submit all her assignments on time? You know what we are hinting at, many of our clients are from Ivy League institutions with huge academic reputations on stake and hence cannot do with a bad grade. They simply cannot afford to fail!

A few shocking favorite food facts that will make you question reality:

All fruit loops are of the same taste!

Yes you read that right! So, there is no point in fighting with your brother about him eating all the strawberry flavored fruit loops (pink ones), because they all taste the same regardless of their color or advertised flavor.

Twinkies are the ideal apocalypse hoarding foods

Twinkies are often believed to be capable of lasting forever but that is not the case. Twinkies can only last up to 45 days and hence, you should add them to list of your alternative food when there is a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion underway.

Your favorite Captain Crunch from the cereal box is not a commander!

Whaaaa…? Do not believe us? Simply see for yourself at the box, the Captain here only has three golden stripes on his sleeves. This is the ranking symbol of a navy commander and not a Captain. We know, oit may feel like your whole world is crumbling down. That is how we felt too.

Double-dipping will not spread more germs than a single dip!

Now that science has proved that double dipping is not anymore harmful than single dipping and will not spread more germs; you can now argue with proof when people complain. While there are actual well researched studies on this but, we do not have to be scientists to let you know even though this has been proved wrong, people will still yell at you and shun you for double-dipping. So, our advice, dip when no one’s around and be quick about it.

Peanuts are not nuts!

No peanuts though has nuts in its name is not in fact a nut. Think you were nuts believing in something false and are now questioning the truth about the Tooth fairy and Santa not existing?! Well, so were we but it is in fact true that peanuts are legumes and not nuts. They grow under the ground in the form of unusual dongles.

Carrots cannot improve your eye-sight:

A hugely advertised but falsely propagated ‘fact’ about carrots is that they can improve eye-sight. This is not true. Many informed foodologists (that may be a made up word) have often confidently said that carotene helps improve eye-sight. But there is no science behind this claim, so you might as well put your glasses back on as your chances of eye-sight healing naturally depends on being bitten by a GMO spider!

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