Three Things an MBA Applicant can Learn From the Presidential Debate


Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent or simply completely uninterested chances are you are keeping an eye on the presidential debate. This battle has been a knock-down and drag out one going on for ages.

A campaign for business schools has a lot of things in common with a campaign for the public office. Both these competitions are zero-sum games which have a clear winner and a complete loser and all the participants fight for a finite number of seats. This hefty amount of information combination, emotion and competition can be highly over-whelming at times. Also ultimately the one will be elected is a highly subjective decision, which is at all cost beyond the control of the candidates. Regardless of a person’s political appreciation, an MBA applicant according to us has a lot of valuable lessons to be learnt from the political contest of US Presidential debate, which is a fight for the hearts and minds of the people.

Here are the takeaways that we believe will be helpful for the B-school candidates:

Make sure you answer what has been asked, and much more:

When the admission committee asks you a question, either be it in a set of essays or even during an interview you have both a glorious opportunity to convince them as well as an obligation. Never make the mistake of ignoring what is being asked since doing so will be considered evasive. Also never constraint yourself by answering what is only asked off you, instead seize the opportunity to tell your story while highlighting your most compelling viewpoints. The different, the better…

There is a difference between being assertive and being arrogant:

If you are the person who does not believe in himself/herself, then why should the company/school/country care? Take this opportunity to describe past, present and future with maximum confidence. Make sure to express how you have made a positive difference for yourself and others. You should take pride in your tangible achievements. But do so with maximum humility and appreciation owing to the mentoring of the superiors and the support of your co-workers.

Big picture thinking should be balanced with attention to detail:

If you describe your candidacy in vague and broad terms then it conveys that you are trying to hide your lack of actual substance. Similarly, if you provide too much of details along minutiae then a wrong message may be sent across to the audience making you seem like a small thinker lacking leadership skills. An MBA-school will want candidates who are tactical and strategic on their toes. So, it is best to provide solid examples that show both sides of your brain boasting of these skills.

It is not over, unless it’s over:

Learn from the presidential candidates who lose individual state primary elections; they still carry on. So, being turned down by one B-school does not necessarily mean that your MBA campaign should be over. The priorities for different MBA programs are very different. Hence, be sure to target all schools where you would be more than happy to attend if that is the only one to admit you. And this is the best way to produce a set of alternatives that one can choose from.

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