The Best Guide to Eating Healthy for Busy College Students

Do these lines sound familiar to you? Have you used them recently?

• I have got 6 tests this week so, I will skip on sleep every other day and eliminate carbs complete from my diet and stay high on sugar!
• I am going to get all my meals for free by joining every club around the college
• Hey YOLO! So, let’s go and try out some of those pills that help you increase your mental power 10 times.

If some of these are the lines that you have recently said, then you belong to the same group of college students who one day feel that they should read all the health and fitness blogs there is on the internet and go on a crash diet with over exercising to reach their weight loss goal within a couple of hours! If so, then this blog is just the one for you to stick your eyes to for next few minutes.

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Nowadays college life just seems to conspire and throw diabolical roadblocks to your dietary success and weight loss goals. And clearly shopping at Whole Foods and eating healthy comes at a price and students are not always equipped with ample budget to maintain them. And to add to those troubles there are other obligations like tight schedules and lack of proper cooking tools or knowledge. You realized the hard way that keeping the blender going while making mayo by keeping the lid off was a bad idea, since you still find spilt mayo in the most odd room corners!

We are going to help you break away from these roadblocks and achieve your dietary best! Know that it’s possible.

Maintain a “good enough” mindset:

If you expend all your willpower and energy to maintain your strict diet chart and exercise regime, chances are that the other equally important aspects of your life will fall through. Research shows that if you exert too much of your willpower to do one thing absolutely perfectly then you will not be able to the other things well which also require willpower, like for instance your academia. So, we advocate the “good enough” mindset rather than the ‘perfectionist’ one. Apply this to your diet and exercise regime. You do not have to stick to your diet 100 percent of the times, instead maintain it by simply focussing on making progress. And excuse yourself when you eat a few cheat meals once in awhile.

Right food products:

Which is your meat?

If weight loss is in your mind then lean meats like chicken is usually the best option to reach for. This is also a protein that will be budget friendly. Fishes are also a good option as they are also good for your brain health, but the best quality fishes come at a good price. The cheaper farmed fishes are usually not the best in quality.


We recommend that you go through eggs like it is nobody’s business. These little white elliptical balls are usually packed with proteins, essential vitamins and minerals like selenium and choline also they are great to feel full without spending too much time chewing on bit by bit!

Veggies and fruit-i-licious!

Bell peppers, carrots, broccoli and onions are packed with nutritional benefits, so eat them as much as possible as vitamins are minerals are not stored in reserves in your body. Thus, daily intake is necessary.

Be a teetotaller when water is too passé:

Instead of reaching for a can of soda or pop or the popular devil juice, grope at the tea cup. Coffee though a great energiser is not so good for your health, so avoid gulping them down and simply drink water when thirsty!

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