Pursue These MBA Specializations To Be Industry-Ready

These days traditional MBA programs are fine tuned with the availability of specializations as varied as the cultures and interests of students pursuing them. Some of these specializations may be available within the confines of a traditional MBA while others require them to be taken electively as an add-on.

So, keeping in mind the need of the industry we have looked at the realm of MBA specializations in-depth to help students choose wisely for accomplishing a job ready status.

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The most common MBA specializations that are associated with equipping students to work in the industry are – healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship, non-profit management and luxury management. Entrepreneurship is no different than choosing a career path in an industry which is why we have included this in the list f specializations worth giving a thought because all these roles involve making decisions to run the business which is the very essence of entrepreneurship.

Read on about the pros and cons of each such specialization:


This is the subject you should specialize in to make a career in finances or transit into a similar field. The London School of Business offers a finance specialization course that is based on a corporate financial core and offers a selection of 20 different elective subjects. The core of corporate finance involves managing a company finances and making financial decisions, but the electives available offer students with necessary skillset to manage mergers, private equities and much more. One must also seek for an internship at a financial firm and also practice their hands on a faculty-supervised project to learn this subject in depth.


This is the course for students who want to work in the healthcare industry and covers the duties of all kinds of job positions, like insurance and health benefits, pharmaceuticals healthcare technologies and medical devices. The best B-school with an optimized healthcare concentration can be found at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, which has taken several measures to accommodate with the diverse needs of the students. The main emphasis of this course is in action based learning which is offered in almost all leading business schools today.

Non profit management:

There used to be a time when commerce and charity were viewed as separate entities but those days have long gone as these two processes are now flowing together. Thus, giving rise to strong channels of activity or opportunity. Now the new byword in the industry is confluence which is a great social impact factor. These days having an elective that has a social value will add increased value to your resume with visions like marketing social change, societal entrepreneurship. Moreover, with these skills one can also have increased opportunities in the job market.


An entrepreneurship MBA specialization equips students to act upon their business ideas and start their own business. We recommend seeking a course that does not only offer a specialization but a full-fledged integrated back to front management program. Also choosing a school that offers startup and venture lab initiatives should be in your list of choices when looking to get enrollment.

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