The Most Common Roommate Problems and Their Solutions


If you have had a sibling to share your room with for a certain part of your life, then this should not be difficult for you. But if you have had the luxury to have a whole room to yourself then sharing your private room with a roommate who is a complete stranger to you or having another human living around you at all times can be a bit of nag for you. And often dorm-mates are not the ideal roommate you would want. Yes, sometimes there are exceptions where the dorm life is the better than your bedroom back at home and roommate bonding is a wonderful experience, but usually they are more of a source of some major unnecessary drama.

But do not fret as roommate drama is not an uncommon phenomenon, and you can arise above this sticky situation and solve your roommate troubles with our solutions to deal with your roommate woes, without needing to kill each other or change schools! We are not just an average essay writing help online, think of us as your virtual college life Yoda with all kinds of college life tips, tricks, hacks and solutions (including college essays! Hush).

Roommate trouble #1: She is messy:

Cleanliness is all about personal perception what you may think to be clean may be dirty in the standards of another and vice versa. So, it is evident that most roommates have frequent tiffs about the state of cleanliness of their rooms. We recommend that both parties pull their weight around the space now that they are sharing it. Sloppy roommates are the most common dorm-room troubles you will encounter, but they are also the easiest to solve. Almost everybody gets lazy and acts messy at some point of time so it is best to talk about it openly and approach your roommate about her cleaning habits.

The best practice to keep her at it would be to have a chore schedule. Forcing yourself to take care of chores even when you are independent and free from mom’s nagging is probably your worst dorm-room nightmare. But trust us when we say that you will actually be thankful that you did so. Divide responsibilities easily with a chore schedule and keep things clean on a regular basis.


Roommate trouble #2: I’m living with a mean girl:

Another scenario is where both you and your roommate are cleaning soul mates and respect each other’s belongings. But then again there does arise friction between the two of you, some people are just not meant to get along. You may be unfortunate enough to have a random roommate assigned to you who you simply hate or hates you for no apparent reason. There can be an impossible person who has as much empathy for you as Hannibal Lecter and only speaks when she has to say something mean or condescending to you.


Our solution in this case may sound slightly out of the box but can actually work. You share your living space with this person so having an unhealthy environment around you all the time will take a toll on your health as well as your studies. Address the situation and involve a moderator in the scenario or get friends to solve your differences. It is best to address the problem sooner than wait it out to blow over because it will only get worse. Reach out to a mentor, a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend to deal with the negativity your roommate is spewing at you, and it may just be so that it is more about her as a person rather than about you. Nipping the problem in the bud will save you months’ worth of frustration and anger.

Roommate trouble #3: She is ALWAYS here:

There are absent roommates, then again there are those who are nocturnal and you barely see them in the day except sleeping like a log in the day! But what about the roommate who never leaves your room and is ALWAYS there? Living with another person in a closed space can be challenging anyway, but things get especially difficult when the other person barely leaves you alone and you… well, are getting a little sick and tired of it. Some solitude is nice at times but with her being there, there may not be any!

Our solution if she does not have friends then find her some, play the matchmaker and encourage to go on that Tinder date. Or better still engage her in some sort of activity in the campus and tell her that being outdoorsy sometimes is good for her and for you.

That’s all for roommate troubles for now, we will be back with more college life tips, hacks and advice soon. Till then if you have an assignment with a deadline dangling over your head, feel free to reach out to our essay writing help online for some consultations on how to get it done sooner.

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