A Few Truths that will Make You Question Reality

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Now that we have got the real talk over about us, let us get onto some other harsh realities behind your regular favorite eatables that are also cheating you. And while we are at it, do you know how the topper at your class manages to submit all her assignments on time? You know what we are hinting at, many of our clients are from Ivy League institutions with huge academic reputations on stake and hence cannot do with a bad grade. They simply cannot afford to fail!

A few shocking favorite food facts that will make you question reality:

All fruit loops are of the same taste!

Yes you read that right! So, there is no point in fighting with your brother about him eating all the strawberry flavored fruit loops (pink ones), because they all taste the same regardless of their color or advertised flavor.

Twinkies are the ideal apocalypse hoarding foods

Twinkies are often believed to be capable of lasting forever but that is not the case. Twinkies can only last up to 45 days and hence, you should add them to list of your alternative food when there is a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion underway.

Your favorite Captain Crunch from the cereal box is not a commander!

Whaaaa…? Do not believe us? Simply see for yourself at the box, the Captain here only has three golden stripes on his sleeves. This is the ranking symbol of a navy commander and not a Captain. We know, oit may feel like your whole world is crumbling down. That is how we felt too.

Double-dipping will not spread more germs than a single dip!

Now that science has proved that double dipping is not anymore harmful than single dipping and will not spread more germs; you can now argue with proof when people complain. While there are actual well researched studies on this but, we do not have to be scientists to let you know even though this has been proved wrong, people will still yell at you and shun you for double-dipping. So, our advice, dip when no one’s around and be quick about it.

Peanuts are not nuts!

No peanuts though has nuts in its name is not in fact a nut. Think you were nuts believing in something false and are now questioning the truth about the Tooth fairy and Santa not existing?! Well, so were we but it is in fact true that peanuts are legumes and not nuts. They grow under the ground in the form of unusual dongles.

Carrots cannot improve your eye-sight:

A hugely advertised but falsely propagated ‘fact’ about carrots is that they can improve eye-sight. This is not true. Many informed foodologists (that may be a made up word) have often confidently said that carotene helps improve eye-sight. But there is no science behind this claim, so you might as well put your glasses back on as your chances of eye-sight healing naturally depends on being bitten by a GMO spider!

If these facts made you question your reality, then drop by our site and see how we can create amazingly written academic assignments and have been doing so for more than a decade now! Don’t do homework like the schmucks who believed in these food facts and get your assignments written for good grades with Management Writing Solutions.

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