A Sample Essay that Worked for Getting College Admission in B-schools

Prompt: reflect and define who you are and how you came to be this person. In short define yourself.


They say students have all the time in the world, but only a student knows that this statement is untrue. As someone who is only obligated to attend classes, go to clubs, study, finish a few assignments (much more than just a few) and pass exams, life is probably easy. At times it becomes essential for a person to take a breather, step back and perceive the big picture. But with all the different things that life can put on a person it often becomes difficult to keep the essence of ‘me’. As a student we have to balance several hobbies, with studies, sports clubs, and community service along with other obligations like friends. Then when will students find the time for things like, hobbies, interests and self-exploration or assessment. That is why students these days do not really have the time to really get to know the ‘me’ they want to.

When I reflect back on my college freshman days, I remember that my life was almost like New York City. I used to be busy, to say the least, it was a vibrant array of jumping from one obligation to another. I was just like any other average youngster waiting to pounce on the challenges that life will throw at me. And eventually met a few goals in time get into a science stream at a good college: check, varsity football: done, get into a national-ranked soccer team: check, get a good job: check, do some volunteer work: check. But wait did I forget a few things also on the list? Get some sleep, eat food, socialize with friends, and get some downtime…these were the things I missed out on when the time was right.

My life was a canvas of busy colors and I had become only a stroke of paint that was stretched too thin to even be visible in all the chaos. I knew I had to take back the control to be the artist behind my painting of life. I had to change the ways before I became ineffective, overburdened with too many commitments and too tired to function.

I knew that it was my portrait and I needed to be in control. If we put too much effort and time into something and do not see the desired results then it is difficult not to take it as a personal failure. While this was how I felt during my sophomore year,, but I knew I had to change this canvas. I decided to begin painting a fresh new one. So, I decided to create a palette of my own interests. So, I left my science institute, associated with a travel soccer team of my choice and also started a volunteer work that I really loved. Thus, with a less busy picture I was able to concentrate on the ‘me’ that I had lost somewhere in my busy schedule. While new interests and talents emerged but still I found the time to engage in self-reflection and discovery that I was missing out on while being busy. And soon I was much more effective in everything that I was doing. Now I believe that my picture is truly my own masterpiece and I am the artist painting my life.

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