Is Neuro-Marketing Fact or Myth?

The marketing sector has a new frenzy with its latest discovery – Neuro-marketing, but the chapter may have plenty of style but lacks in substance. This phenomena is lighting up the eyes of the advertising personnel, and letting loose the pockets of public relation firms.

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According to this theory, now firms can target their products to meet the unconscious desires of the customers which can be revealed by scanning and measuring their brains. The best of these marketing consultant organizations have the biggest corporate names in their books and are more than obliged to channel their understanding of brain science to capture their key markets. The holy grail of neuro-marketing suggests that there are certain ads that will amplify sales to the max and there are others that will not. But real brain scientists suggest that most of the theories are a mixture of bad science culminated with farce for making big money.

Today the concept of neuroscience is used in various ways when marketing. Most of the times it is just the clichéd concept of putting a bikini-clad body beside your product to lure in customers; while this may be the oldest trick in the book, a recent advertisement proved those above this bikini-body trick wrong. But in contrast to this simple mind-trick, a Porche advertisement showed that driving their car gives the drivers the same feeling of driving a fighter jet plane. But this was more glitter than gold,, in fact no gold at all. There is no possible way to measure this accurately and the ‘scientist’ in their commercial was clearly a smart looking actor who plays the role of dentist for toothpaste commercials.

But in the opposite end of the spectrum, neuro-markting is also an avenue for serious research. This is a serious section of cognitive sciences where the decision making process of customers and their response to technology is understood in lines of bodily and mental functions. The application of brain science in this context is to understand how the memory centre of the brain reacts when looking at familiar logos of companies. It also tells us how the direction of eye gaze can increase attention and how the brain’s activity differs when watching ads that are slightly different. But these conclusions like other findings of neuroscience are ultra focused, abstract and still far from application in daily lives.

But then the prospect of applied neuro-marketing for enhancing revenue still remains tangible and is being used by the marketing biggies to generate greater value. So, the leading B-schools aim to make their students aware of this modern practice. Several elite MBA colleges are now asking their students to write marketing assignments on neuro-marketing and we can offer you with marketing assignment help in this section as well. To know more keep reading our daily blogs.

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