Take Inspiration from The Successful Nike Marketing Strategies

If you are into the vicious circle of marketing then the old ways of having silver tongue is no longer going to cut it for you. Yes, we do not aim to sugar coat what marketers do, we simply acknowledge that marketing managers are sharks in the corporate world. But today’s approach in the knowledge and transparency driven world with the explosion of communicational ease with the use of social media platforms has totally transformed the way business is done nowadays.


A company that has always made good use of this new age thinking is Nike. While you might think you know the classic strategy of marketing by Nike, the swoosh logo, the message of “Just do it” and famous sportsperson endorsements. But is that really all?

In this blog we will discuss in detail the deeper tactics in their marketing strategies.

The story behind the first invention of the Nike shoes called as moon shoe is a famous tale. Bowerman experimented with his wife’s waffle maker to design a better pair of running shoes and ended up ruining the waffle maker but great new shoes. But not just that, Bowerman is also the man behind the whole start of the jogging craze. Yes, some of you may argue that jogging did not need to be invented, but it was not that popular an activity back in the 70s. It was due to Bowerman’s research and efforts that jogging was brought out into the forefront and was made popular for the people along with the desire to get their hands on the special running shoes.

The reason behind Nike’s success is a mixture of two aspects, intelligent content marketing along with a need driven coincidental situation. So, here are the top pointers we can gather from Nike’s marketing strategy.

Put the customers’ interests in the forefront:

While great products motivate customers to buy them but more than that the best motivators are seriously good benefits. This is based on common logic as things that benefit customers seem justified to them. The secret strategy of Bowerman was not to sell shoes, but to promote good health. While this may not seem like a marketing plan but it should, as that was the case with Nike that promoted success.

The best marketing strategies are based on a felt need:

The strategy behind Nike initially was to offer customers with a better option for running so, that they can get into a better shape. While it was popular among the kids in the 70s, but it was not the widespread activity that it is presently. The popularity of this healthy act was further promoted by the growing workforce of white-collar execs who were keen on promoting cardiovascular health.

Believe in the item you are marketing:

The main idea behind the first Nike show was not become a millionaire, but to promote a healthy sport. Bowerman believed in his idea when he penned down the first jogging pamphlet. That made it easier for him to market his product.

Embrace new technology:

Nike started with the print media but slowly moved onto television in the 80s and 90s and then went ahead to the social media for effective marketing in the present times.

These are just a few key things that one may learn from the successful marketing strategy of Nike, for more such interesting marketing news and marketing assignment writing tips visit Management Writing Solutions.

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