How to Manage MBA Coursework Efficiently?

A management degree though a highly coveted one is also one of the most difficult degrees to pursue. There are several assignment requirements one has to churn through amongst other curricular activities while still working towards building a network. After all that is the very basic idea behind an MBA degree, to develop a network of valuable peers and forge professional relationships with them that will last longer than the MBA degree program itself.


But sadly this is easier said than done as there are several things on the to-do list and only one pair of hands and a single mind juggling it all. So, to save you from the brink of insanity, here are our smart and practical tips on how you can manage your coursework like Michael Jordan tackles an open shot at a slam dunk.

1.     Make good use of all available resources:

Ensure that you are using all your resources up to their full potentials. Incorporate ample library time in your day at the University and access all the available resources waiting to be utilized for the benefit of students for no cost at all. Also use the early hours of your day to increase your productivity. Early morning hours always have room for productive chores that can be used efficiently.

Ask the librarians to help you conduct a literature research. Some may even be available to teach or guide you through assignments in the evening hours or at weekends. It may help to book a session with them or to join a tutorial on how to efficiently use the facilities on offer here.

2.     Sharing class materials

You need the help of friends and peers when pursuing such a difficult degree, so do not flee at the thought of sharing some important notes or class materials. Nobody likes such classmates and will never help such a selfish soul out in their time of need. Books, journals and time are limited resources for every student so it makes sense to share them with your peers. It might also reap dual advantages by allowing classmates to share the costs of photocopying notes and materials.

3.     Be a pro planner

Make sure you plan your life around your study time while still saving enough time for other commitments like social life, work and family. We suggest that you form a plan that best suits your time management requirements and not something that simply worked for your friends. For instance, if you have set a target to study for 2 hours every day make sure you set some time apart with yourself after the family is asleep or in the early mornings. As for those without any family obligations to make time for, it is best to keep your weekends open for studies while you take care of friends and family on Fridays.

4.     Plan your assignments

Do not just submit a paper to get it done and pass the class. Make sure you put ample thought into each paper you write, understand that a college or university is starkly different from your high school. Here assignments are important, and a funny excuse like “my dog ate my homework” will just not do. For master’s degrees you are no longer writing about what you learnt in class, but you are writing about what you know and how what you learnt will add to it. So, it is imperative to plan ahead your assignments.

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