A general guide to getting academic papers published

The best way to get validation of one’s hard work put into a research is to get published. It is an important indication of success in the academic world and peers along with promotion managers and tenure committees value one’s list of published peer-reviewed journals, articles and books the most in the world of academics. Many a times such work is even more valued than community service or clinical performance which is rather unfair but is however true.

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Writing a research paper to establish your arguments and make the audience agree with you is definitely a daunting task. Publishing one’s work has two possible outcomes. Even if the research work is groundbreaking and the paper is written with impeccable grammar and precise wording, the two possible outcomes could be one of the following – either the work is delayed but published, or even worse it never gets published.

The cycle of information that works in the field of academia follows the path mentioned here – first is primary research with uncovering of valuable information, actually getting on with the writing of the paper and submissions, acceptance of the paper with peer reviews, getting the paper published, acceptance of the research findings and dissemination conducting secondary research.

Important factors that must be kept in mind when writing an academic paper:

– Linguistic details and style
– Ethical issues
– Structural details of the paper
– Key components of the paper
– Submission of article with selection of a reputable and trustworthy journal
– Keeping track of the process of publication and following through with peer review

Ethical aspects of any academic writing must involve the following components:

One must disclose proper Conflict of interest, also acknowledge the funding of sources, follow image manipulation guidelines, and make use of online submission mediums like videos, datasets among others. In case of health care sciences one must submit the reports of clinical trials to the Central Registry and one must also acquire approval from the Institutional Review Board.

As per the stylistic details one must conform to the prescribed style mentioned by the journal publishing guidelines, some authors also choose to write their article in a general format then edit it to meet the stylistic requirements of the journal they choose to work with. The main point behind stylistic requirements is to get one’s conclusions as clearly and concisely as possible for the better understanding of the readers. It is best to avoid complex sentences when writing academic papers but one should make standard use of language as poorly written papers often get rejected. The structures of academic papers have been maintained for several years and can be read by different readers at different levels.

Also it is strongly recommended to only use the names of the authors who will defend their data and conclusions and have previously received approval for their work. A very important point is to only mention the names of the authors who in fact have made intellectual contributions to the research paper.

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