Tips For Improving Memory From Essay Writing Service UK

Procrastination and last minute cramming is no new news for students, especially those who have passed the boundaries of high school are leading the college life. But what comes with last minute exam-time cramming is difficulty in remembering all the relevant facts and figures to put down on the exam paper.

So we have compiled a list of top tips from our essay writing service in UK to help you fetch the top scores at your exams:


1. Build mind maps: one of the best ways to fine tune ones memory and to remember relevant details about a single topic this technique is used by memory champions as well. The students who love their highlighters (for marking) and swear by algorithms and flowcharts will definitely love this idea as well. This oldest trick in the book is very effective as it works on the principle of assimilation. It is clear from recent reports that visualizing connections register better in our minds than those that we have to remember chronologically. This can be especially useful when in a hurry to memorize dull notes and points. Such mapping techniques help to organize a structured layout for your revisions before exams and thus, help to spark your memory better.By building a mind map you will remember your notes much more efficiently than just by reading them.

2. Take the help of music if you are too hard a time: ever wondered why you remember song so easily? It is because the way our brain is wired we tend to catch onto to repetitive words or catchy beats easily than just a boring list of facts being read out plainly. So as funny as it may sound if you are having hard time learning your notes try revising them with the help of music.

Singing them out always work faster. Some even suggest that listening to Mozart helps to increase the brain’s performing abilities due to the structured harmonies of classical music. You might also consider giving Mozart a listen when solving complex mathematics as well, it has been a personal observation that it usually works.

3. Speaking out your words loudly: while this might not be the best idea when in a library or in any other public place, but reading your lessons out aloud usually works. Reports even suggest that one is more likely to remember stuff 50 percent superior which they have spoken or read aloud.And when you have a shortage of time speaking out aloud instead of reading it over and over again can be a better time-saving option.


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