What Separates a Personal Essay from a Blog Post?

All new bloggers in addition to creative writers wanting to be bloggers and the other way round, all are caught at a lost when one has to consider whether blogging entails tweeting about the peculiar tone that you have lately noticed about the bark of your dog.

Sometimes there is indeed a thin line between blogging and the personal essay. However the differences may be boiled down to a few basic principles that lie behind the writing.

The intention behind the piece.First and foremost you need to ask yourselves what is the intention that lies behind the piece.Blogs are generally written to teach, to be entertained and come in contact with a virtual community.The typical blog posts falls into the first category while the best ones cover all the three.

While it is indeed true that many of the blogging fraternity treat their blog as an online journal it is being increasingly used to provide tutorials, how to do something guides and top ten lists that arouse interest on part of a reader, by individual and businesses alike. Readability is on the top part of the list of important ingredients. Your exploits with the intricacies of English diction are of no consequence in the blogosphere outside the literary niche. Information quality retains high importance and the intent is to write for the satisfaction of the reader.

Essays on the contrary are not so much indulgent towards its readers, its like a grand show off betweenWolff and Wikipedia.

That does not mean that essay writers do not seek an audience, it only translates to the fact that essayists do not have a particular group on their minds while creating their written work of art.

The pacing of your post.Take into consideration the amount of time the reader has. Blog posts are meant to be snippets of information and scanned across by readers who are in a state of hurry.

In sharp contrast the personal essay lacks the, often, visual chutzpa of blog post as well as possess a pacing totally different from that of blog post where the reader shifts attention from one heading to another.

The most important aspect is that blog posts let you share your view to world at the click of a mouse. Some prefer that while for some old-schooler’s creative writing remains in the domain of the vetted press forever. Above all irrespective of whether you are writing a blog post or a personal essay the point is to enjoy your writing. And in case of academic writing a custom essay writing service remains lucrative option.

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