Sleep and Your Child

September ranks high as the most feared month of the year for many children across the length and breadth of the United States. It is accompanied by rising up early often before sunrise and going to bed early much to their discomfiture and angst.

Sleep is a source of much dismay to students in the US. In the course of their day to day activities sleep is such a “un-cool” aspect of their lives.

A Biological Necessity

But if the researchers and experts at the National Sleep Foundation are to be believed, deprivation of sleep constitutes, especially in adolescents, a chronic health problem. According to them though sleep is often constructed as a luxury to active or ambitious people by certain sections of society research is highly suggestive that sleep is one of the most important biological necessities just as necessary as exercising properly or having a healthy and plentiful diet.

In order to beat the fatigue imposed by the back-to-school routine some tips as well as tolls that will help students to get adequate sleep.

What is the ideal number of hours of sleep for my child?

WebMD is of the view that the hours of sleep that the child gets each night is dependent on a number of factors that include sports, school, family activities, social events and gathering and peer pressure in adolescents. But the site does provide a guideline into the hours of sleep that a child should get in every cycle of day and night.

  • Those whose ages are within three to six should sleep for ten to twelve hours per day.
  • For children aged from seven to twelve ten to eleven hours of sleep every day is an absolute must.
  • While adolescents who are within the age group of twelve to eighteen years old, eight to nine hours of sleep is absolutely essential.

Does That Include Naps?

Naps form a favorite pastime of kids after kids. We all take the occasional nap but is it something that is absolutely necessary. The experts at are of the opinion that it should not be imposed on children aged over five.

  • Children of the age group of two to three years should ideally have at least a nap a day which should range from one to two hours.
  • Kids who are in the three to five year age group should have a single nap of an hour on a daily basis.

How to Control the Sleep Cycle of Children during the School Season

The load of school might be lessened with resources of academic writing help. The question that plagues the mind of parents during the school season is how to ensure that their child gets adequate sleep. The National Sleep Foundation comes forward with some handy tips:

  • The bedtime routine should allow the child to be in a relaxing mood.
  • Put a cap on the number of hours students put forward towards TV and other electronic activity like the net and digital recreational games.
  • Prevent heavy meals when bedtime is round the corner.
  • Do not let them have anything that has caffeine during the hours before going to sleep.
  • The bedroom environment should be peaceful.
  • Lead by example and regularize your own sleeping hours.

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