Get an MBA While Being on the Move

If anyone told you that you can’t complete an MBA while being on the move for a job that you are engaged in, you should cite the case of Lara Martini who is the director commercial markets strategy director in South America for none other than Microsoft, opted for the online route and completed her MBA as late as the previous fall. According to her, travel was the real reason behind most of her peers and she signing up for online courses and sees the online format of the MBA as an extension of the trend of working remotely.

An MBA for Those on the Move

In her opinion studying while being on the move is actually not that hard to imagine as much of the time is spent on waiting while visits to different locations. Added to that is the convenience of completing an MBA without having to take a break of two years from your regular job, a proposition that only gets more difficult as one progresses through his career. From that particular point of view the ROI of an online course increases even more than the traditional on-campus one.

More Opportunities and Rewards

In the recent past the ROI on MBAs has seen a rise. For the first time, the median salary of new MBA graduates is all set to touch the $100,000 mark. If you intend to part ways with the current employer it will make you more of a prized catch as well. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers eighty-four percent of employers intend to hire more MBAs in the current year up from seventy-four in 2014.

Why Go Online

All these form the cold logic behind online MBA programs. As of now there are no fewer of 162 such programs, a number that is almost twice of 84, recorded in the year 2007 if one is to go by the figures of the Graduate Management Admissions Council. According to the latest figures, those of 2014, forty-three percent of them witnessed a rise in applicants.

So, online courses are an excellent way to enhance your credentials and further your career goals.

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