Valentine’s Day Awesome and Cheap Date Tips for College Students – 2015

Regardless of the showy charms of Valentine’s Day and a ceaseless dose of Rom-Com on every channel, we know that the fun options for the holiday are pretty limited. Of course “Love Actually” and “Valentine’s Day” have timeless appeal. But is that all you got?

Valentine’s Day Awesome and Cheap Date Tips for College Students


Splitting bills at the Italian eatery may seem a decent option, and it’s alright to go cosy in sweatshirts once in a while. But let’s take a step beyond your romance tradition and woo your partner like you mean it! Here are some cute date ideas for Valentine’s Day that could revitalise your love without drilling a hole in your pocket!

  • Go Trekking! When was the last time you went to take a hike? It’s an affordable way just to backpack with your spouse, venture into meadows, picturesque landscapes. Relish freedom in the lap of nature like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, there’s no need to seek for mountains, only a few hours in a park would breathe freshness in, and boost your productivity for the coming days.
  • Go Beer Tasting! Have you noticed that local pubs often offer craft 8-ounce brews, just the thrill that you’d want to gulp down with your loved one. Plunge into a naughty range of stouts, ales, lagers and cheer on this Valentine’s Day!
  • Get oozy with antioxidants. A bottle of Cherry would lift your spirit as well as fight harmful toxins. So, this holiday, sing for health. Cos’ in every relationship, fitness counts. A bowl of yogurt jam-packed with probiotics to make you glow, anyone? Indulge in aphrodisiac flavours this Valentine’s Day.
  • Why does it have to be for just a couple? How about fitting in the whole pack to make the occasion merrier? Include your friends and family in the celebration and have some unforgettable moments captured in snapshots. It’s a great way to incorporate homely comfort in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.
  • Book your ticket for “50 Shades of Grey”. Critics may shrink noses, but, the “Grey-Anastasia” deadly combination is sure to raise some shrill… ahem, some noise in every lover’s heart. Your DVD queue can wait. Guess how many ogles the “Fifty Shades” trailer on YouTube has won? A whipping 19,258,245!

The cute date ideas are plenty. It’s about how you’ll shape them in your own way. Apart from the movies, the treat, or could be an UK MBA Marketing assignments help to boost your partner’s grade, go with your instinct and show your Valentine that you wouldn’t want to trade the moment for the world.

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