Effective ways to deal with Lengthy Research Paper



Not everyone is gifted with expert writing skills. But without written form, knowledge cannot progress. Academicians educate us on various subjects but cannot inject in us how to produce a premium quality writing piece. To deliver a long assignment can be a hassle for many. But when asked to submit, students are bound to write long papers to secure their academic candidature. There are a stack of general guidelines to be followed to execute such assignments.

  • Do a preliminary homework. Gather information about the topic you are assigned with and methodically investigate into the subject. In order to discover new facts, you have to go for a literature review first, a careful follow-up of already published scholarly papers related to your topic. Gather as much data as possible. Google Search, Journals, interview, note-taking, correspondence, class-lectures. More you have a prior, clear-cut idea about the work; less strain it creates in dealing with a lengthy paper.
  • Organize your data. Lay down a strategy. Draw an outline for your entire project. Why you choose your topic what message do you want to convey. Do your objectives contribute to the already existing stock of knowledge?
  • Don’t lose focus. Stick to your hypothesis throughout the research, the assumption or the proposal that your paper mainly follows. In observation and data collection, students often tend to delve deep into the subject and spend too much time to obtain facts and figures. It makes them lose attention from the purpose of the project. While it is vitally important to substantiate your theory with ample evidence, you have to keep in mind that too much data and detailed analysis may spoil the precision of your theory. Moreover, it is always better to take an opinion from an essay services provider such as PenMyPaper to know the right mix of theories in your paper.
  • Write in short sentences. Clear, precise style ensures less grammatical errors. Avoid flowery expression and ornate words. Refrain from over-explaining widely known procedures or facts. Just state what is new and spells significance to your reader. Beak the paragraphs shorter. Because, it is a long project anyway. Avoid making the report unnecessarily heavy and dull.
  • So, as we see, dealing with a huge chunk of research paper means extra pressure in one’s regular frame of work. Gladly, there are countless professional research writing service available online, hired to produce such assignments effortlessly only by placing a help me write essay request.
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Is Being Proactive All Glitz and Glory? The Harms of Pro-Activity


It seems that these days it is not just enough to be competent at work or in school; especially when it comes to B-school with a lot of academic assignment writing. People are required to be proactive as well. The society has firmly established and embedded within our core being, that the notion of forward thinking is an elemental tool for the success, well being and perhaps even the survival of businesses.

But here in this post, we will dig a little deeper into this notion of pro-activity and analyze whether pro-active behavior is all good or can it be a cause of unforeseen stress and negative consequences as a result?

It is true that people from all walks of life attempt to second guess a whole variety of problems that they face with on a regular basis, wherever we look we can see it everywhere. We see secretaries in movies, and in real life getting as much information as possible, which they think their bosses, might need for a meeting, for shopping, stocking up their shelves preparing for the next big seasonal event. Then there are moms filling a bag with stuff that she feels her baby may need that day. It is true that forward planning is necessary and very much useful. It allows a lot of benefits for the workers, students, companies and classes and makes people successful and effective. With a lot going on about having a proactive behaviour, what is there then to be concerned about?

A team of psychologists from Amsterdam have conducted some research on the issue and have discovered a series of potentially difficult times ahead for proactive people. While innovative behaviours and career initiatives are known to be associated to career success. But a type of proactive behaviour may be detrimental to career success. People who voice too many concerns at work are often less likely to be promoted and more likely to have roles with lesser pay.

Then you should be less proactive when doing your assignment for MBA and hire an MBA assignment writing service instead!

There is a phenomenon called the ‘initiative paradox’ which occurs when the proactive behaviour is thought to be out of step with the values of the group in class or the company where you work. While the motive of the person doing so may have the future of themselves or the company in mind, their expression of concerns about future plans or directions many simply make the person seem like a whiner or too much of a complainer or just plain obstructive in nature.

Hence, proactive people may seem to be somewhat isolated and viewed as sycophantic in their quest to climb the greasy pole up the career bar!

So, in conclusion while being proactive is useful, when managed properly but still assuming that there are no disadvantages of pro-activity and it has no negative implications is wrong and potentially disruptive for the individual.

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You Can Make Your First MBA Assignment be Worth it Like This


You Can Make Your First MBA Assignment be Worth it Like This

Assignments. That is a word we mostly do not give much of a thought about after we pass with an undergraduate degree. Only to get back to those same old regimes of submitting your mental worth on a piece of paper in the form of MBA assignments when I was pursuing my education. But things still seemed fine for me for the first few months. But as luck would have it, I had to undergo the nightmares of having too much homework at the most inconvenient time. Just this last month I was preparing for a short trip for a few days, when a lot of finance homework decided to land into my inbox. And to top that of all these assignments were required to be finished by the end of summer.

I remember feeling when I was skimming through the list of the required assignments that – “Oh these will be easy to get done. I can do them while on the bus or train or flight etc. whenever I have some downtime I will work on them and get them done with ease.” But when I looked at them again later, I realized that there is no way I can breeze through these complex assignment requirements, upon realizing what they want to achieve. Most of these demanded real meticulous attention and consideration on my part to get them done satisfactorily.

While I knew that it was for the greater good, because most of the time-consuming, and labor-intensive MBA homework share a common goal. And that is to encourage the incumbent MBA students to have a clear plan for the upcoming two years. They want to prepare us to be ready to run just as we hit the ground in the corporate jungle. I being one of the “non-traditional candidates” seeking to make a career change, felt that it is especially important for me to know about recruiting strategy and outlining a career plan which is crucial.

It is true that many MBA programs have incorporated and many more are still continuing to add classes along with career connections for students pursuing fields such as the arts and media. So, my career prospects were still in a way uncharted territory. And due to that I knew that it would be needing to put in extra time to identify and pursue internship programs which may not be included in my programs general recruiting systems.

So, I did what many would judge me for. But I had to. I chose to work with a finance homework help. I went online and sifted through the countless websites to finally make my choice. I chose one called Management Writing Solutions. They spoke to me very nicely and offered to help with all my assignments which came with a price for sure. But that was not too over-the-top costly. So, I paid them in advance (although I was not too sure about it) and waited anxiously to have a completed freshly baked MBA finance assignment to be delivered into my inbox. Soon enough after a few days of paranoid over-thinking I was happy to obtain a satisfactory paper and continued to place subsequent orders for the rest needed that year, which they all completed as well.

Ironically, this whole ordeal with too many summer assignments and me having to take the sketchier path of hiring an essay writer service. Actually worked to open my mind in addition to having a set game-plan for my career, it helped me to pinpoint other feasible directions. So, if you still shake your head at a stern no when people take the name of online writing services, I suggest you look at it from the other point of view.

Although I cannot guarantee that I will continue to be a disguised assignment submitting vigilante offshoring my heavy lifting to other paid services. But at that time this was my only option, and it turned out to work. Having my burdensome responsibilities lifted off from my shoulders helped be focus my energies to other important things and to further top it off I had my solo trip to help me introspect about serious life questions. So, all in all my views about academic integrity and seeking the help of assignment writing firms changed forever after that first semester of MBA.

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4 Headline Tricks for Writing Attractive MBA Assignments

writing an essayessay-writing-service

Professors live an extremely busy life. Piles of assignments submitted by numerous students across various streams within a single college make it a harder job for the professors to pay equal attention to each of the projects. You have to think out of the box to gain his concentration, if you really want your hard work to pay off. This is where your headline may make all the difference.

Decline in attention span:
Researchers claim that out of 10 overall readers, only 2 of them will end up reading your entire content. The rest of the 8 will go through your headline only, given that most of the people are in midst of extreme busy schedule. Besides, according to a research conducted by Statistic Brain, the average attention span of human beings have witnessed a record decline as it fell to 8.25 seconds in 2015 as compared to 12 seconds in 2000. Interestingly, the attention span of a gold fish is more than that of the humans, as the former’s concentration period lasts for 9 seconds on an average. Thus, you must emphasise on your effort for making the headline of your story as compelling as possible in order to attract your professors to keep on reading your assignments without losing even a slight of interest.
But what makes a good headline? Use the following insights to make an essay more compelling.

The 4 U’s of an excellent headline:
1) It must be USEFUL for the reader: A headline dictates what the reader is about to read for the next few minutes. If your content is useful that will inform the reader about something that will add value to his wisdom or improve one’s life or business, it is likely to earn better marks than those who use general topics for their assignments. But in most cases, readers do not get the opportunity to read even the bests of essays just because the awful headlines bore them off. Your headline must also be as useful as the content itself. Let your professor know about the benefits he shall achieve on reading your article. Always remember that proper information is the key to engage others in a conversation.

2) It should be ULTRA-SPECIFIC: If you are talking about the impact of Apple iPod on the international music industry, make sure that the headline mentions that in advance. Otherwise, it will seem like the writer is unable to maintain the flow even if his article is outstanding. Avoid using vague sentences like ‘Apple revolutionises the music industry’ to avoid confusion. Rather you can use ‘Music systems are portable now: Thanks to Apple’, which gives a clue on what actually changed because of Apple Inc.

3) A headline must be UNIQUE: At a business school, a student is treated more like a future manager than a traditional student. This means you have to be versatile and flexible enough to stand out of the crowd. How can you expect better marks if you copy the exact headline that appeared in the best selling edition of Forbes? Create your own headline, which must reflect your style of writing and not somebody else’s. As they say, it is hard to stay original when we are bombarded with millions of content on the internet every day, but it is originality that earns you recognition.

4) It must reflect a sense of URGENCY: Why would the professor read your article over the others. Give him a reason to grab your paper before any other document catches his attention. The level of urgency in a headline attracts a reader to continue reading your work. Both ‘Avoid these mistakes to gain trust of your business partners’ and ‘Why you are losing money in business: cut down costs using these principles’ are thought evoking headlines, because both of them points out an universal problem for specific target audience and promises a remedy. As a result, the reader will want to read the document. Similarly, if you are working on the effects of globalisation on the fashion industry, try to discuss the whereabouts of the topic and more importantly, ask the reader to decide any particular matter. This will also evoke a sense of involvement in the mind of the reader, which motivates him to continue reading to gain more information.

Marketers spend more on headlines:
One of the legendary content marketers of all time, UK born David Ogilvy, who is also referred as the ‘Father of Advertising’ had stated that one must spend 50% of the total time they use for creating a content, for writing a headline. He continued to say that once you have written your headline, you have spent 80 dollars of your total 100, which displays the importance of a well-written headline. The most interesting fact is that Mr. Ogilvy’s wisdom, which is as old as 50 years, is still relevant to the modern marketing principles.

You can walk the path shown above to get the best value for the effort and time you put in to complete your essay. Let your write up appeals the professor to take it seriously. Last but not the least, use as much information as possible for writing an essay. It is likely that your professor is looking for something valuable and not a kindergarten guide to political science.

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Three Things an MBA Applicant can Learn From the Presidential Debate


Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent or simply completely uninterested chances are you are keeping an eye on the presidential debate. This battle has been a knock-down and drag out one going on for ages.

A campaign for business schools has a lot of things in common with a campaign for the public office. Both these competitions are zero-sum games which have a clear winner and a complete loser and all the participants fight for a finite number of seats. This hefty amount of information combination, emotion and competition can be highly over-whelming at times. Also ultimately the one will be elected is a highly subjective decision, which is at all cost beyond the control of the candidates. Regardless of a person’s political appreciation, an MBA applicant according to us has a lot of valuable lessons to be learnt from the political contest of US Presidential debate, which is a fight for the hearts and minds of the people.

Here are the takeaways that we believe will be helpful for the B-school candidates:

Make sure you answer what has been asked, and much more:

When the admission committee asks you a question, either be it in a set of essays or even during an interview you have both a glorious opportunity to convince them as well as an obligation. Never make the mistake of ignoring what is being asked since doing so will be considered evasive. Also never constraint yourself by answering what is only asked off you, instead seize the opportunity to tell your story while highlighting your most compelling viewpoints. The different, the better…

There is a difference between being assertive and being arrogant:

If you are the person who does not believe in himself/herself, then why should the company/school/country care? Take this opportunity to describe past, present and future with maximum confidence. Make sure to express how you have made a positive difference for yourself and others. You should take pride in your tangible achievements. But do so with maximum humility and appreciation owing to the mentoring of the superiors and the support of your co-workers.

Big picture thinking should be balanced with attention to detail:

If you describe your candidacy in vague and broad terms then it conveys that you are trying to hide your lack of actual substance. Similarly, if you provide too much of details along minutiae then a wrong message may be sent across to the audience making you seem like a small thinker lacking leadership skills. An MBA-school will want candidates who are tactical and strategic on their toes. So, it is best to provide solid examples that show both sides of your brain boasting of these skills.

It is not over, unless it’s over:

Learn from the presidential candidates who lose individual state primary elections; they still carry on. So, being turned down by one B-school does not necessarily mean that your MBA campaign should be over. The priorities for different MBA programs are very different. Hence, be sure to target all schools where you would be more than happy to attend if that is the only one to admit you. And this is the best way to produce a set of alternatives that one can choose from.

We understand that the prospect of B-school admissions is a stressful affair with unpredictability just like public election. So, if things get too difficult for you to manage, we at Management Writing Solutions are here to help by providing you with cheap MBA essays. We are the foremost essay writing service UK, offering quality custom essays without plagiarism.

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Inspirational Quotes From The Most Credible Leaders

Rome was not build in a day and neither can a successful leader. There are times when you will want to quit and it will seem that nothing is working for you. But in reality, such emotions are not everlasting and you will bounce back to carry forward your legacy.  

Legend has it that in order to be successful, you must seek advice from those who have been at your place before. Here, we have listed the quotations from the most successful leaders in the history of humankind. The interesting part is that all of these quotes are leadership oriented and gives a practical insight on how things are going to be; when you are chasing success. A manager is a leader who knows how to manage tasks that others cannot. Watch this video to become a true leader.

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Become a Better Essay Writer with Insights from Albert Einstein

Not only the greatest physicist of all time, but Albert Einstein was also a keen observer of human emotions. He was an excellent communicator. The way he explained his ideas and expressed his views on any given topic, has many teachings to offer to his admirers. Throughout his lifetime, Einstein has written numerous letters; most of which are preserved in various universities and museums for further research and analysis.


Traces of Einstein’s interest in humanity can be found in several letters written for specific audience, like the ‘Letter to the school children of Japan’—written after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Though Einstein worked on the theory of relativity- basis of atomic (nuclear) energy, he was a dedicated supporter and advocate for peace and disarmament. He believed that war is a false and unreal way of achieving power, but spreading happiness is. Hence, Einstein also had positive traits of a leader, which enabled him to stand up for his beliefs.

If you are a student and want to improve your essay writing skills, the late Albert Einstein can be your best guide and philosopher- as he stays immortal through his intelligent contributions towards our civilisation. Let us go through the quotes of Einstein that will help you to make an essay stand out from the crowd.

  1.  Jot down your ideas

“Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think”

No one can create a masterpiece without being creative. Creativity is the brain’s exercise, which often becomes tougher to conduct—as people burdens their minds with plans. Albert preferred to write down each of his ideas, so that he felt free to think without having to worry about his previous thoughts. Most students start writing an essay the week before its submission, which overwhelms them; that eventually leads to lower grades. Depending on the subject, you need to prepare for your assignments in advance, so that you have enough time to demonstrate what you want to. Writing down your ideas in a diary will make it easier for you to prepare content for your term essay.

2. Try to innovate

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”

Do you know the reason why a number of students get mere average grades? The answer to it is the similar formats followed by the examinees. We suppose you are in your academic phase of life. And this is the perfect time for innovating things that you have never tried before. Professors are always looking for future leaders who can offer innovative solutions to the most complex business problems. Therefore, try something new and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

  3. Keep it Simple

“Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler”


According to the great Einstein, a person is not an expert in his field unless he can explain it in the simplest way. You can apply his philosophy in your essays to grab attention of your professors. Using simple words and sentence structures will allow the reader to grasp your content fluently. Keep in mind, the more understandable your essay is, the better are your chances of securing good marks. If you are facing trouble regarding your assignments, you can always visit www.managementwritingsolutions.com  to seek authentic essay writing help.

 4. Keep on learning

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”


Legend has it that hard work combined with passion beats talent. Even Albert proposes himself to be a curious person. May be it is because of his curiosity and an eagerness to learn that allowed him to come up with revolutionary ideas that changed the world. There is no particular age for learning and if you are a student, utilise your free time to enlighten yourself with knowledge that will help you in the long run. Who knows you might get a new idea for your next assignment?

  5. Learn from your mistakes

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Mistakes are important for developing one’s personality. Hence, you must commit mistakes (refer to point. 2) and more importantly, learn from them. Take time to figure out why the professor offered you less marks. You can go ahead and ask him/her, how you can improve your writing. Participation is the key of making better use of your talents.

6. Believe in your abilities

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Everyone has different interests, and nothing can be a bigger mistake than chasing anyone else’s dream. Can you imagine Einstein working 9 to 5 at a petrol pump and managing accounts? You would not have probably known about him if he did so. He followed his dream and you too must, in order to live a fulfilled life. If you are interested in ‘PR and its effects on a company’s marketing strategy’, you must consider preparing your assignment paper on that topic instead of something your best friend is working on.
Remember that success is contagious once you start following the right route. You may have great writing skills but it is not worth until you start implementing them. Sometimes things do not happen according to our plans and that is what, life is all about. Einstein suggested welcoming every possible outcome and learning from them, as these moments are going to shape your future self and deeply influence your beliefs. These consequences, in turn, will move you forward towards success.
“The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”
— Albert Einstein

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Management Decision Making And the Role of Statistical Thinking

The ground breaking advancements made in the field of information technology has made the global competition for quality product manufacturing and prompt service providing pretty steep. The needs and wants of consumers are constantly changing; as a result the companies are also evolving their business operations and methods of management in accordance with the latest trends. So, today’s business managers are experiencing more pressure than ever. Massive amounts of data are generated daily from various digital sources and the precise evaluation of this raw data is a daunting task. The only way for a business manager to collect, analyze and interpret data relevant to decision making is through statistical thinking.


Statistical thinking involves the understanding of how models are used to emulate random phenomena, the proper use of existing inferential tools, and being able to understand and grasp and utilize the context of a problem and plan an investigation accordingly. The basic principle of statistics is that data vary. Statistical reasoning helps in capturing the variation in data by organizing and examining the data. This allows managers to make smarter decisions more quickly and provide stable support to their subordinates. Here are some aspects where statistical analysis has shown its impact in making data-driven decisions:

  • Statistical analysis provides an unbiased outlook of the market. So it can be used for the precise and cost-effective evaluation of a target group of customers.
  • Statistics helps in making the production process efficient and economic. It eliminates all kind of redundancies and maintains consistency throughout the process.
  • It helps managers to evaluate employee productivity and find ways to improve employee performance.
  • Marketing mix modeling is the identification of the right combination of marketing communication channels to reach the target market and provide the best return on investment. Statistical regression can be used to unearth this crucial link.
  • This method of thinking enables a manager to make joint decision with other managers. It helps the managers to compare alternative scenarios and select the most feasible option.
  • Statistics allow business managers to convince other people to take risks by providing them with empirical evidence.
  • It can also be used to map relationships between two variables which will in turn lead to more control over customer satisfaction and subsequent sales volume.

Therefore, statistical thinking can be used in all sectors of a business organization and in all job functions. It enhances the proficiency and competency of a manager as a researcher and provides an extra edge in business decision making.

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The Best Guide to Eating Healthy for Busy College Students

Do these lines sound familiar to you? Have you used them recently?

• I have got 6 tests this week so, I will skip on sleep every other day and eliminate carbs complete from my diet and stay high on sugar!
• I am going to get all my meals for free by joining every club around the college
• Hey YOLO! So, let’s go and try out some of those pills that help you increase your mental power 10 times.

If some of these are the lines that you have recently said, then you belong to the same group of college students who one day feel that they should read all the health and fitness blogs there is on the internet and go on a crash diet with over exercising to reach their weight loss goal within a couple of hours! If so, then this blog is just the one for you to stick your eyes to for next few minutes.

best guide to eating healthy for busy college students.jpg

Nowadays college life just seems to conspire and throw diabolical roadblocks to your dietary success and weight loss goals. And clearly shopping at Whole Foods and eating healthy comes at a price and students are not always equipped with ample budget to maintain them. And to add to those troubles there are other obligations like tight schedules and lack of proper cooking tools or knowledge. You realized the hard way that keeping the blender going while making mayo by keeping the lid off was a bad idea, since you still find spilt mayo in the most odd room corners!

We are going to help you break away from these roadblocks and achieve your dietary best! Know that it’s possible.

Maintain a “good enough” mindset:

If you expend all your willpower and energy to maintain your strict diet chart and exercise regime, chances are that the other equally important aspects of your life will fall through. Research shows that if you exert too much of your willpower to do one thing absolutely perfectly then you will not be able to the other things well which also require willpower, like for instance your academia. So, we advocate the “good enough” mindset rather than the ‘perfectionist’ one. Apply this to your diet and exercise regime. You do not have to stick to your diet 100 percent of the times, instead maintain it by simply focussing on making progress. And excuse yourself when you eat a few cheat meals once in awhile.

Right food products:

Which is your meat?

If weight loss is in your mind then lean meats like chicken is usually the best option to reach for. This is also a protein that will be budget friendly. Fishes are also a good option as they are also good for your brain health, but the best quality fishes come at a good price. The cheaper farmed fishes are usually not the best in quality.


We recommend that you go through eggs like it is nobody’s business. These little white elliptical balls are usually packed with proteins, essential vitamins and minerals like selenium and choline also they are great to feel full without spending too much time chewing on bit by bit!

Veggies and fruit-i-licious!

Bell peppers, carrots, broccoli and onions are packed with nutritional benefits, so eat them as much as possible as vitamins are minerals are not stored in reserves in your body. Thus, daily intake is necessary.

Be a teetotaller when water is too passé:

Instead of reaching for a can of soda or pop or the popular devil juice, grope at the tea cup. Coffee though a great energiser is not so good for your health, so avoid gulping them down and simply drink water when thirsty!

We are an assignment writing company with a difference, so for more such quirky tips and blogs stay tuned to updates from Management Writing Solutions.

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An Essay on Game of Thrones

Many people are probably bugged by this question and GoT fanatics feel like clawing their eyes out every time they read this, but why is this show so popular? Many people feel that it is probably just the nudity because, at the end of the day Game of Thrones is a slow moving show, then there are nearly thousands of characters to remember which one may as well maintain a notebook dedicated to the show, moreover the show is anything but a family favorite as it has explicit sex scenes. Then what is the secret behind its success for which it stands to be the most watched show in the history of American television?


The main reasons why Game of Thrones is so popular:

1.  The rise to power for women is what women enjoy watching: most women watch Game of Thrones as it is a show about how women rise to power in a world where man would rule. This is enjoyable for modern women given their struggle to power in the real world.

2. The story telling is a daring one and is also highly unusual. Season 1 of the show itself is a tremendous departure from the usual story telling of typical TV shows which got most people hooked to it.

3. The story is not completely fiction: this story may be based on the fictional book of George RR Martin but it is in fact not all fiction as he did his homework well. The stories on King’s Landing and Winterfell loosely describe how life was in the middle ages in Britain.

4. It keeps you at the edge of your seat with curiosity dripping down your spine! The story telling is so complex yet surprising that guessing what will happen next is a gamble like no other. This show has a reputation for being unpredictable and maintains it well to keep its viewers satiated.

5. Impeccable capture of the real world contrasts by the makers of the show. The creators of the show have captured the contrasts in real world feelings incomparably well for instance, with beauty associated to pain and suffering, honor with cruelty, earthly plot twists with murder, galore, illegitimate affairs and fantastical plot twists with dragons, white walkers. Thus, as a result a show is created which is unstoppable because it feels real yet fictional at the same time.
Convinced yet?! If not then get out of your comfort zone and give Game of Thrones a watch to know what is the secret behind its success, and even you may get sucked into its fantastical magic of pure, unadulterated entertainment.

For more such amusing ‘essays’ and help to write an essay for MBA students come to Management Writing Solutions. We will write your essay for you while you watch ore of Game of Thrones.

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